Malware posing as System Update- Android users be alert

There is not even a week goes by without finding a new malware. Researchers at Zimperium has found a new threat in which Malware posing as System Update. This is one of the most sophisticated and well directed malware attack which will steal most of the data from your mobile if you install in the mobile. Good thing is that it won’t affect your mobile if you update or install the apps in your mobile only from Google Play Store. It has been said before and will continue to say again, don’t install or update apps from any third party websites or stores. Always install the apps from Google play store.

This malware which poses itself as system update can steal the following information

  1. Messages from messenger services such as Whatsapp etc
  2. Steal the databases of the messenger
  3. Bookmarks and browser history from all the browsers in mobile
  4. searching for files with specific extension including .pdf, .doc, .docx, and .xls, .xlsx and copies them to its database and encrypts them
  5. Take pictures automatically
  6. Captures notification
  7. Stealing phone contacts

One good news is that Malware posing as System Update never been on Google Play store. Only way mobile gets infected is if you install any app from other websites. Don’t ever do that even if the website is reliable one. That is the only way you can stay safe. Once infected with this malware it is very tough to find as it hides itself as system update.

How to stay safe

  1. Do install a good anti virus app
  2. Do scan mobile once in a week
  3. Don’t install any app from any websites or apps other than Google play store

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