Spaces – Audio Chat Feature coming to Twitter

We are able to post anything in facebook and twitter in any form be it text, photo or video, but if you just want to post a audio recording then it will be difficult. First you need to record and upload in some other platform like soundcloud or convert it to Audio and then you have to post that link in facebook or twitter. It is a difficult task for most of the social media users. Now, there is an app in Apple called clubhouse which has become so popular in US in short time. It is invite only app exclusively for Ios and not available in Android. This has made Twitter to include new feature called “Spaces” which will enable users to post in their own voice.

It has not been rolled out to all the users so far. It is only in testing. Now Twitter has decided to roll out the Spaces option to selective twitter users in Android today. Those who get the option can see new feature in their TL in top as shown in the photo below. At present not all will be able to create the audio tweet but will be able to check the audio tweet created by others.


Do remember that it is not yet rolled out to all the users and currently open to selective Android users ( Beta) only. It is going to be global roll out for the testers. So all the users can expect the full roll out in coming weeks . I have checked out and found its not yet released for me !!!. Lets wait for some time before we can test out this exciting audio feature.

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