Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Normally, we all have grown using a horizontal bar for viewing the multiple bars in any browser be it IE, Chrome etc. Now, Microsoft has introduced “Vertical Tabs” in Edge browser. They are offering something different from what all have given to the viewers so far. This option wont provide any extra benefits to the user , but something different from what you are doing over all these users. Lets see how you can enable this option in the Edge browser.

How to enable Vertical Tabs

  1. Click on the Edge menu
  2. Open the “Appearance” option
  3. In that in left side , you can see Customize Tool Bar.
  4. Under that option you can enable or disable the vertical tabs.
  5. Now , you can see a new icon in top left side of the Edge browser.
  6. Once you click the tab bar will change from horizontal to vertical. You can toggle whenever you need.

Below is the screen shot of how to do this

Vertical Tabs
Vertical Tabs
Vertical Tabs

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