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Normally, when you browse in mobile using google chrome or any browser if you need to share the website, all you need to do is touch on the mobile browsers address bar and you will get the share icon. From there, you can choose to which app you want to share the website link. But in the desktop version of the chrome there is no such option till now. You need manually copy the link and paste where you want. Now, Google chrome in the “Canary Version” (Beta version) has enabled new option called “Desktop Sharing Hub” which will provide some automatic sharing options. This option surprisingly already available in the Microsoft Edge Desktop version also. Below are the screenshots from Edge and Chrome Mobile version.

Sharing hub
Google Chrome Mobile Version
sharing hub
Microsoft Edge Version

Google chrome don’t want to leave it’s desktop version behind in this. So they have came up with the new concept of “Desktop Sharing hub”. Do remember that this is available in google chrome canary version which is the beta equivalent. Once enabled, you can see the plus symbol in the right side of the website link once selected. If you click on Plus symbol you will be getting

  1. Copy link
  2. QR Code
  3. Save page as
  4. Cast

Copy link – Will copy the link and then you can paste it wherever you need

QR Code- This will generate QR code and download

Save page as – This will save the current web page as HTML page in Local Drive

Cast – You can cast it to the connected devices

If you are ready to experiment you can download the google chrome Canary version. Do remember it may be unstable at times with new features.

Once installed, follow the below given steps to enable the option.

  • Visit Chrome://flags
  • Type “Desktop Sharing Hub”.
  • Select and enable “Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox”.
  • Relaunch the browser.

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