Edge Powered Desktop Widget – Windows 10

People who worked in Windows Vista might be remembering the desktop widget it used to have. It is used to display time , weather forecast, top news etc in the desktop itself. But it was discontinued in the later versions of windows and not in use in any more.

But it seems Microsoft is keen on bringing the Desktop Widget again back to the windows. But this time through the chromium based browser Edge. People who are interested in using the widget can enable it through the edge browser and those feel the widget as annoying one can keep it off.

Chromium Edge-powered web widgets for Windows 10

Microsoft is working on the desktop widgets powered by the browser. Initially they are concentrating on showing the news and weather forecasts without the need to open the browser.

One impressive point is it can float over the other applications in the windows desktop as shown below.

Windows Widget

Widget will be running in the right hand side of the desktop . If you click on the small floating icon it will open a small edge window where you can see the latest news and the forecast. It is not necessary for Edge browser to be running in the background. You can see how it will be working in the below Gif.

Windows Widget
Windows Widget

This news feed is provided by MSN and Bing news. You can configure and customize the news feed using your Microsoft account. Basically Microsoft is trying to replicate what google did with the home screen of the Android mobiles. This feature will be rolled out to the users soon as per this website.

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