Google Play Movies and TV app to be removed from Top Smart TV’s

Google has the habit of promoting one app for long time and then killing it altogether. Earlier they have did that to Google Play Music and now they are going to remove Google Play Movies and TV app from some of the top Smart TV’s starting mid of June 2021. It is the pure madness which they do and always make the life difficult for the users. Now, the users have to switch to youtube app for their movie content. Here is the exact announcement from Google regarding this new development.

Starting 6/15/2021, the Google Play Movies & TV app will no longer be available on Roku, Samsung, LG, and Vizio smart TVs. The YouTube app will be your new home for movies and shows. Just log in with your Google account in the YouTube app today, you’ll have access to all of your past purchases, and will be able to browse, purchase, and rent new content.

Though the initial announcement which has been now is only for few brands , slowly it will kill the Google Play Movies and TV app over a period of time making all the users to switch to Youtube App for buying, renting the movie. After 15th of june, users have to user “Your movies and shows” section in the youtube app to view the movies that they have rented or bought through Google play movies. This section can be accessed by going to library from the bottom bar in Youtube app and then to Your Movies.

Also Google is sending out credits to those who are affected by the move, in purchasing the movies or shows in youtube app

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