Microsoft going to stop supporting old windows 10 versions

Microsoft has the policy of providing two new updates every year to Windows 10. It is the policy they are following for last six years. There is no indications of next Windows edition in near future. But there are some major changes expected to be rolled out in the second update of the year towards the end of 2021. With this background, there is a news published saying Microsoft is going to stop providing support to older versions of Windows 10 starting next month.

From May 11 onwards, users with the following editions will not receive any update or support from the Microsoft.

  1. Windows 10 2018 ( Both the editions )
  2. Windows 10 2019 version.

If you have not updated the Windows for quite some time, it is advisable to visit the updates section in your PC and update to the latest updated as indicated there. It is always safe and better to have the latest update installed as it will involve security patches for the latest threats and fix for any bugs.

This is what Microsoft said in its release

After that date [May 11], devices running these editions will no longer receive monthly security and quality updates. As always, we recommend that you update your devices to the latest version of Windows 10 as soon as possible to ensure that you can take advantage of the latest features and advanced protections from the latest security threats.

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