Samvad another GoI in testing

Following the news of Sandes App ( Messenger app like Whatsapp) now another news coming in stating Indian government is testing one more messenger app called “Samvad”. In the news , it has been stated government is keen to introduce one of these apps shortly for public.

Currently both these apps are in Beta test level only. Though Ios version and Android version of “Sandes” is already available for public beta testing, this app is not yet released for public beta testing and currently tested by the officials in Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT). We are not sure when it will be released for public use,

Starting from February, users of whatsapp are angry and moving away from one of the popular instant messaging app due to the new privacy policy which is to be applied from Feb but now has been postponed till May 15. Even though millions of people already started other messaging apps and more will do, whatsapp is adamant that it has said they will implement the new privacy policy starting May 15 and those who don’t agree going to lose the whatsapp and have to start from scratch again.

India is one of their largest user base and introduction of apps like Sandes and Samvad developed in India by the Indian govt is going to hurt the Facebook owned Whatsapp. At a time when there is growing voices for apps / software developed in India is higher, this move by whatsapp is going to result in loss for the company. It is also time they remember that there is a legal battle is going in Delhi High court regarding the Privacy Policy and it is pending their reply.

Users should not confuse between one more Sandes app which was seen in 2019 and meant only for Internal government employees only.

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