Scam Alert: Whatsapp Amazon Free Gift Scam

Easiest way of tricking a person to click on a link which is fake and will steal the details is to offer something free. Even though security agencies have warned people “N” number of times, people are easily get triggered by these fake offers. Now, the latest in the list is “Free Gift from Amazon” viral link going rounds in Whatsapp and has been named as “Whatsapp Amazon Free Gift Scam”. There is a link “” which is going rounds in whatsapp for last 2 days offering people a free gift on account of 30th anniversary of Amazon just for filling up few questions.

Once the user goes to the page one can see a gift offer of “Huawei Mate 40” mobile and question listed. Once user began to answer the survey it askes few questions. If the user completes the survey comes the trick part. It asks them to share the link to 20 users in whatsapp or to 5 whatsapp groups making it go viral in rounds. But nothing will happen after the sharing is done. Only the user will have their data with the scammers. Hence it is named “Whatsapp Amazon Free Gift Scam”. Worst you may end up downloading malware to your PC / mobile.

Avoid clicking doubtful links

  1. No company will offer freebies in this way
  2. Once you go to the link you can find how shabby the design and you can close there and come out
  3. Don’t forward these kind of messages even if you don’t click. Don’t share this even in twitter or Facebook.

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