Silver Sparrow- Malware affecting MacOS

Generally, you don’t associate Malwares with Mac OS. This is exact reason why the people are surprised to hear the news about “Silver Sparrow” a second malware ever to affect the Mac system of Apple. Earlier this month, Engineers found out a new malware present in the Apple systems. But they are confused because normally when a malware gains entry to the system it is expected to deliver the payloads whatever may be either infecting entire system or deliver ads inthe system without initiated by the user.

However, this new strain found in M1 ARM architecture of the MACs so far did not deliver any payloads and continues to remain silent. One more information about the “silver Sparrow” is that it can quietly deliver the pay load and self destruct itself without ever being diagnosed. So far 30,000 MAC system have been affected across 153 countries. But US, German, UK and Canada and France are worst affected by this.

So far it is very difficult to eliminate as it is uses Amazon web services and Akami for the command infrastructure. Also, so far it does not delivery any payloads. No one knows whether it has already delivered the payload or is waiting for any future command to execute is very difficult to tell as of now.

To check whether your Mac is affected read this Red canary blog spot

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