Taking Backup in Signal App

It is quite normal for users to take the backup of their chat and media while using any messenger app. This is required when you reinstall the app in the same mobile or install the app in a brand new mobile. This will help you get back the old chats with friends or official conversations you had with your customers or clients. In Whatsapp , once you configure the back up while installing the app, it will start taking the back up and keep storing in the Google drive as per the periodic intervals you have selected. One setback here is all the backup will be available only in google drive and in case if anyone get hold of your google password then they can restore the data. There is no effective mechanism to stop it and remember it is not end to end encrypted.

Its the key difference in the backup. Signal stores all the back up in the local device that is in your mobile storage or SD card in mobiles. Also, one has to enter the paraphrase created while taking the back up to restore the data successfully.

Steps to take backup in Signal

1. Touch on the three dots in top right hand corner in Signal’s home screen

2. Click on “Chats”

3. Now , you will be getting “Turn on Backup”

4. Now select the folder where you want to store the backup

5. It will show the paraphrase which is needed while restoring. Either take screenshot or write it down

6. Now confirm it.

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