This PC can’t run Windows 11 -Error

Microsoft has launched Windows 11 in this week and has announced that it will be rolled out to all the eligible computers free of cost by the end of the year. While the public roll out is still some months away, developer preview is expected to be rolled out by next week. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced PC Health Check tool that will check whether the PC is compatible and ready to run Windows 11 or not.

But this has caused lot of confusion to the people who downloaded and check their PC’s eligibility. Lot of people has got the following error saying, “This PC Can’t run Windows 11” error. Now , it has been found that there seems to be error in the part of the PC Health Check Tool which caused this error to come up. Mainly, this is caused by TPM 2.0 requirement. Microsoft on its part clarified

This PC can’t run Windows 11
A company representative confirmed that Windows 11 Health Check app will be updated in the coming weeks with more clarity on system requirements; hard and soft floors.

“We’re going to improve the PC Health Check app over the next couple of week,” the company said.
Windows 11 preview builds are planned for next week and Microsoft is hoping to address some of these issues later this week.

Regarding the TPM requirement, most of the PCs shipped in last few years come with the TPM 2.0 feature and mostly it may have been disabled in the BIOS. One can easily turn on the feature using BIOS before system boots up. If you are not sure about how to do, please contact the technical support of the laptop / Desktop manufacturer.

Also, we will suggest you to install the PC health tool after you enabled the TPM feature. When i tried running the tool first, i also got the same error. I uninstalled the tool, then rebooted and fixed the TPM in BIOS. After that i reinstalled the PC health tool and now it gave me the message, “This PC Can Run Windows 11″ message as shown in below image.

This PC can’t run Windows 11

Anyway, there will be lot of fine tuning will take place in coming weeks as Microsoft releases the dev preview and then beta version before the public release. So , if you have any doubt regarding installing windows 11, please wait till the company rolls out public version which will be stable and have less bugs.

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