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As many of us know, Twitter Spaces is the feature in Twitter to chat with your followers on various topics using voice chat facility. Now, lot of people are conducting Spaces in twitter on various topics and its great competitor to Clubhouse app. Now, twitter has given option for the users to earn money through the Spaces and it is called “Ticketed Spaces”.

How to use Ticketed Spaces?

This is not enabled for all the users by default. If you want to earn through the Spaces, you must meet certain criteria.

  1. You must have 1000 followers
  2. You must have hosted at least 3 spaces
  3. You must be greater than 18 years old

If you meet the above three conditions you can apply for Ticketed Spaces Beta.

Once you got approval, you can start scheduling the spaces . Once you schedule next you will get a link to share with followers. Those who are interested can pay and book a ticket. As per Twitter, you can get a share of 97% of the revenue. But not sure how much exactly one will get at this point of time as this program is still in beta stage and will take time to evolve. This may slowly kill the podcast in future as the current social media followers prefer to read or listen in the same App as they are using rather than visiting some other website or app.

But on other hand, it may also create lot of controversies also. Not sure, whether there will be options to record the Spaces (in twitter itself) and may become a scam. We need to wait and watch how it is going to evolve. Facebook already have feature called “Rooms” where you can discuss with your friends in a separate room but that is with video

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