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Social media has evolved over the period. From plain text posts to video posts it has come long way. Now, after the iOS app Clubhouse got rousing welcome from the users, social media giants Twitter and Facebook have started working on the Audio postings. Clubhouse is invite only Audio chat app for iOS. Twitter Spaces is the answer from twitter to the Clubhouse. In short, it is the audio conversation facility for twitter users. Twitter has given access to Alpha and Beta app testers. Now, those who have installed Twitter alpha and beta can use the Spaces.

How it works in Android

  1. You can press the create tweet button, previously it will take you to create tweet screen. Now, you will be getting 4 options tweet, Gif, Photo and then Spaces.
  2. You can choose the spaces to start audio conversation
  3. Host an invite up to 10 people to join conversation
  4. Any one can see the space and join also and wait for their turn to speak
  5. If they want mic access then can tap the mic and once host allows them they can speak
  6. Host can share the same via Direct message or through tweet
  7. People can see the spaces hosted by the people they follow in top of the app where they see Fleets ( similar to FB story)
  8. This is still in testing only. So things may change when it get released to public use

As usual you can how the Twitter spaces works below using images

This going to be really a game changer as so far there is no option to upload voice recording directly. Now, it will enable more people to express themselves more easily and conveniently.

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