Whatsapp Desktop – Video and Audio Calls

Whatsapp has the video and audio call facility in its app for long time. But when it comes to the desktop client it was not provided the option until recently. Now, they have brought this feature to Windows and Mac Whatsapp Desktop Clients.


  1. Windows PC running 64 bit version of Windows 10 built 1903 or newer version
  2. Apple desktop or laptop running macOS 10.13 or newer version
  3. Desktop client version should be 2.2106.12.0. You can check this in Windows store.
  4. This feature won’t work in Linux system as there is no official whatsapp desktop version for linux

Please note that Video and Audio calling is enabled only in Whatsapp Desktop clients and not in Whatsapp web version

You can make Video and Audio call from Whatsapp Desktop client like how you do in its app

  1. Select the friend whom you want to call
  2. In right hand side top where the name is displayed you can see both audio / video icons
  3. Click on Camera if you want to make a video call or the phone icon if you want to make the audio call
  4. Also, it has been confirmed that your phone dont need to be connected to internet to make a call from desktop client. Not sure it is updated already or going to come.

You can see the step by step screenshots below

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