Whatsapp Update : மிகவும் எதிர்பார்க்கப்பட்ட டார்க் மோட்

Whatsapp Update

Atlast whatsapp has released dark mode update for the Whatsapp users. It was one of the most sought after feature in Whatsapp after whatsapp pay in recent times. Users wer kept guessing for long time about this update. But whatsapp kept testing with beta releases for months together and they released the whatsapp dark theme for iOS for some time back and now it has been released for Android users also.

Not all the whatsapp users will get the update immediately. It is planned in phased manner. For example , i have both normal whatsapp and whatsapp for business app installed,but I got dark mode update only for the Business app and not for the normal one.

How to set the dark mode

1 . It is simple, go to settings option in the top right corner

2. Click on Chats

3. Click on Theme and choose the dark theme

Where it will be useful

It is useful when you are faced with low light and help to reduce strain on your eyes. Also, when using in the night, it will ensure light coming from mobile when the app is kept open is minimum. Please find the screenshots below.

Official announcement regarding Darkmode update

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