Chrome Version 90 for windows / Android- Updates

Google has updated the popular browser chrome with Chrome Version 90 , for both Windows as well as Android. This particular update contains three important fixes, one being how the browser loads a website, second is for a codec which enables much better video conferencing and third and critical is a fix for Zero day vulnerability.

Chrome will first load https before switching to http

Normally, chrome used to load any website in http mode ( less secured mode) before switching over to https mode if available. Now, it has reversed the process with Chrome Version 90. Going forward, chrome will first try to load the https version of the website, if it not available then it will switch over to http mode. You can easily find if a website is https or not by looking in the address bar. There will be a padlock sign before the website addess to indicate it is secured website.

AV1 encoder

Second update is all about video conferencing. This update patch comes with the built in video codec called AV1 encoder for 4K video. So now you can attend web meetings in browser itself without a need to download the app. You will get good quality video and screen sharing during the meetings attended via the browser

Third and critical update is the fix for Zero Day vulnerability which was highlighted during the recent Pwn2Own hacking competition.

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