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One feature after the Dark mode for which users waited for long time is Multi Device Support in Whatsapp. Yes, now itself you will be able to use same whatsapp number is 2 devices. At present, you can use same whatsapp in your mobile and in computer. But for this to work, your mobile must have active internet connection and also, you will not be able to use the same account in more than one mobile at the same time. But, it is going to change soon and for Whatsapp Beta testers it may come within 2 months and others they may need to wait for bit long to have this feature.

What is going to change in Multi Device support?

As per Wabetainfo, website which posts the updates and upcoming features, Whatsapp going to enable the multi device support soon. In this mode, one can use the whatsapp in more than one device at the same time, even if the main device ( Mobile) does not have the internet connectivity. Also, one will be able to connect up to 4 devices at the same time in this mode.

To begin, this multi device without internet connection will be available to Whatsapp web, whatsapp desktop alone as shown in the screenshot and also, they won’t be able to call or message the whatsapp users who have the outdated whatsapp version.

Multi Device Support

Also, as part of this update, they will enable the chat migration between Android and iOS ( not available as of now). But, users have to update to the latest Whatsapp version in both the devices before they will be able to migrate the chat history. One more option they are working is Log out option for the connected device, which means the apps like whatsapp desktop, whatsapp Web will have the button to log out of their respective whatsapp numbers when the user wants to close it.

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