Mute Notifications forever in Signal

Messenger service “Signal” is working on bringing new features to the app continuously as it tries to take over whatsapp and become no.1 messenger app in the near future. Now, they have enhanced the “Mute Notifications” feature further.

With the new option, users can mute any conversation from sending notification. The time frame can be either from 1 hour to Always. One may wonder, why one need “always” option . There may be a circumstances when you may not want to view the notifications from one user and but you can’t also block them or else they may know you have blocked them. In this case you can use this “Always” option to turn off notifications from that user in Signal App

You can “Mute notifications” by following simple steps given below

  1. Open the conversation which you want to mute
  2. Click on the three dots in Top Right hand side
  3. Now you can see “Mute Notifications” Option
  4. Move the slider to enable
  5. You will see the options “How long to Mute?”
  6. Select duration.

Once the particular time frame completed, you will be getting notifications from that conversation.

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