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Feature NameChat migration tool
AvailabilityNot yet. Still in Testing

If there was one feature which lot of iOS and Android users wished after the Dark Mode , that is Chat Migration tool. All knows that, when they changed the handset it is easier to restore the old chats from the Whatsapp backup stored in Google drive or iDrive in case of Apple handsets. But there is no option to restore the data if you are moving from one platform to another platform, ie, Android to Apple or Apple to Android. Now, whatsapp officially confirmed that it is working on this aspect and some leaks have emerged.

All knows that whatsapp is working on another feature Linked Devices”. Whatsapp seems to use this concept to migrate the chat between Android and Apple. But how it is going to be remains secret. They may use the common factor between two OS in this case it should be Google drive as android users can’t use iDrive. Once the migration is done, you can expect the things to be in sync between the devices. But there is a catch in that. Not all the functions or features will be synced as per the company. You can expect the Pinned chat / Starred message will be synced. But if you delete a message in one device it may not get deleted in the other device. So you have to do it manually again in the 2nd device also. Some info regarding message deletion

Deleting a chat on a device won’t remove the same chat on another device.

Deleting a specific message for everyone will delete it on any linked device.

Deleting a specific message for you won’t delete it on linked devices.

When the syncing is completed whatsapp will display a notification with a message that reads, “Syncing with WhatsApp on another device.” This notification will appear once the WhatsApp chats are migrated to another device. It will be similar to how WhatsApp displays a notification when WhatsApp Web is activated.

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